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In this fast moving world where the technology is at its height, we strive towards better and cleaner world along with comfortable life. With our hectic schedules 

both at work as well as at home and loyal servants are at demand we are in dire need of a easy and reliable solution. 

Our proprietor with more than half a decade of work experience in the field of computer programming and testing at Cognizant and Wipro after experimenting 

solution for a dust free home maintenance has established The Joe’s (a home care solution provider).








                                                                                                    Mrs.JOE NISHA ARVIND

                                                                                                    B.E. IT,M.E Bio-infomatics,PROPRIETOR        




Having to manage both home and work the thought of home care solution occurred.

Cleaniness gives us health and happiness. A Healthy family is a happy family with the Home floor having 90% role to play. Thus was born the Buyan ( easy

to be pronounced by Toddlers –“bui-an”) a tiny little toylike disc moving around inside the house cleaning up the home floor automatically thereby easing

out thetension of cleaning and maintaining hygienic floor without using chemicals. This was the turning point which caught on to the Entrepreneurial journey

with buyan the floor cleaning bug.

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